Custom Message on Hold – 100% Money Back Guarantee

$220.00$550.00 inc GST

A custom message on hold deal that includes professional voiceovers, royalty free music plus

Complete production and delivered in the format you want.

100% money back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied we will refund your total purchase price NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

So easy to order. Count the words in your script and divide by 100. That will give you an approximate length in minutes.

If you have a script and want a custom quote go here.

Dial up the number of minutes and place the order.

Once the order is placed you will be redirected to the requirements questions where you can:

  • Upload the script
  • Make any special instructions
  • Request the music style to be used in the background.

See our sample page If you don’t have a script use our script maker here.



On Hold Technology’s premium quality “message on hold” programs deliver compelling messages in less than 30 seconds. Let us create a program that keeps your callers focused on your business at what is virtually the point of sale!

In business today, seven out of ten callers are put on hold. What are they hearing when they call your business? If they simply hear dead air, the chances are good that they’ll hang up or worse, call a competitor. Effective on-hold messaging reduces hang-ups by nearly 80%. And callers will even stay on hold longer with a thoughtful on-hold marketing program. In fact, 16 to 20% of callers respond to offers based on on-hold messages.

  • If you have a new product or service that will help them – drive it home on hold.
  • If you can save them money – drive it home on hold.
  • If you can make their life easier – drive it home on hold.
  • If you’ve got company news for them – drive it home on hold.
  • If you’re website has more features and functionality – drive it home on hold.
  • If you have the answer to a frequently asked question – drive it home on hold.
  • Thank customers for choosing your business!
  • See our sample page