OHT Custom Message On Hold

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If you phone system allows for an Auto Attendant or an After Hours Message please use these. Remember you might need one for during working hours and one for after hours.

If your system has the option to allow for Interactive Voice Response (i.e. Press one for sales and two for accounts etc.) select the number of announcements you require.

Seasonal Messages are to advise customers you are closed but open for business soon or for any special messages like Covid 19 Rules. its a great way to get customers to use the after hours email. Simply purchase the spot (or spots if you need multiple) and you will be taken to the requirements page. Upload the script and give us directions. Remember Christmas close down messages include free Christmas music.


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On Hold Technology’s premium quality “message on hold” programs deliver compelling messages in less than 30 seconds. Let us create a program that keeps your callers focused on your business at what is virtually the point of sale!


In business today, seven out of ten callers are put on hold. What are they hearing when they call your business? If they simply hear dead air, the chances are good that they’ll hang up or worse, call a competitor. Effective on-hold messaging reduces hang-ups by nearly 80%. And callers will even stay on hold longer with a thoughtful on-hold marketing program. In fact, 16 to 20% of callers respond to offers based on on-hold messages.

  • If you have a new product or service that will help them – drive it home on hold.
  • If you can save them money – drive it home on hold.
  • If you can make their life easier – drive it home on hold.
  • If you’ve got company news for them – drive it home on hold.
  • If you’re website has more features and functionality – drive it home on hold.
  • If you have the answer to a frequently asked question – drive it home on hold.
  • Thank customers for choosing your business!
  • See our sample page