The truth about the voice over business.

You need more than a good voice for voiceovers.
A good voice and 5 bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

It’s not about the voice

The voice over business seems to be infested with a funny disease. It’s crowded with people paying “consultants and teachers” for training that is missing the point. The voice is really not as important as you think. Sure a nice sounding voice will maybe get you through the odd audition but to make it in the voice over business you need to be a gun salesman.

Being a Professional

A professional voiceover artist is not good at voicing ads ect. They are good at getting work. They know they have to prospect every day to find new customers. They know that long term contracts are few and far between. They know it’s not easy.

But I’m going to get an agent you say!

Is that just another way of saying I suck at sales and I want someone else to do it? Remember an agent is running his business and for him to see you as viable you would have to be a big talent with a BIG track record.

What about the internet casting sites?

The competition is fierce and to be heard amongst the thousands of people you will be doing a LOT of auditions. I started a site myself and found the typical voiceover artist certainly has a lot of challenges when it comes to marketing their skills. The winners are always the ones who say “if it is to be it is up to me” . They are the ones who get their name out there by calling prospects and having a good profile page on the casting sites. The trick is to stand out.

Now I’m not going to sell you a course or offer my services as a paid consultant. But I would love to continue this conversation. feel free to drop me a line from here or if you want join for free but remember don’t expect it to land in your lap. It takes real work and you’ll hardly use your voice doing it.

Ashleigh Mac is a full time voiceover artist and the owner of On Hold Technology Pty. Ltd. and