Why you should not rent your Message on Hold. Buy it outright instead.

Messages on Hold Australia

Computers make everything cheaper.

If you are renting a message on hold system you are probably paying too much. The cost of voiceovers has reduced over the last few years as many cottage businesses have sprung up because of the now low cost of entry. Once you needed a studio with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment but now you can create the same product on a well set up computer. Many ex radio people have set up small voiceover studios and are creating great voiceovers at very reasonable prices.

No more plug in players

The days of expensive player equipment is now a thing of the past too with modern cloud based telephone systems having message on hold capabilities from setup. These days the supplier of your cloud based phone system simply uploads the audio file to the system. No moving parts, nothing to wear out and no extra costs. These amazing systems are able to do so many things like individual message on hold for different departments and interactive voice response to take callers to where they need to be without bogging down the receptionist. They can even “auto answer” saving you time and wages.

Message on hold is easy to put together.

If you are stuck with what to say we have a tool for putting together a great on hold message. its called the script builder and it makes the process so much easier. Start with a few basic points and build from there.

What about the music?

We have access to thousands of great royalty free music tracks here Just pick your favourite and we can put it behind the Voiceover to make a pro track.

The case for outright purchase.

Unless you are an entertainment venue with reasons to change your message on hold frequently you would be best buying your voicetracks outright instead of being on a monthly or quarterly payment plan. The cost of updates on a rare basis will be far more economical than shelling out money every month for the same messages.

Ashleigh Mac is owner of On Hold Technology Pty. Ltd. and hs been creating on hold messages for over 30 years.