Writing the best on hold messaging script.

Keeping it simple is probably the best plan.

Having problems writing your on hold messaging script?

How to write good on hold messaging script.

It’s the most common question I get asked by customers wanting an on hold message for their business. What do I say? Well here is a list of tips to make the job of writing an on hold messaging script a whole lot easier.

1. Make a laundry list of the most important things you want to tell your audience. Just single words and short phrases like location, operating hours, website, customer benefits, product tips, product lines, special services and awards and testimonials. Once you have the list it’s just a case of writing a paragraph for each. this will give you the skeleton for your on hold messaging script.

2. Don’t try to sell the item. Just create curiosity. Try to get the listener to ask more questions.

3. Don’t deal with more than one thought at a time. Instead of a long-winded paragraph about multiple things you do deal with one at a time. If the words and, plus and including appear in your copy you might like to revise that paragraph. Time on hold can be short and you are better to plant a single seed than a whole crop.

4. Write for the spoken word. If you write for the spoke word the listen will feel more like they are being spoken too not spoken at. Properly written on hold scripts should inform the listener the way a friend passes on information. A good voiceover artist can deliver a well written script in such a way as to gently persuade the listener to take action.

5. Put a call to action in each paragraph. People will not do things unless you ask them. Ask them to come in to your store when you tell them the location. Ask them to visit your web site to see the gallery. Ask them to leave feedback on your Facebook page. If you want something to happen you need to ask the question.

6. Offer specials. If you have a promo going on a product tell them you appreciate them and offer them the product at a special price or with added value.

7. Branding. Tell them who you are! Identify yourself and your brands. Don’t take it for granted they know all about you. I know it is over used but “Thanks for calling XXX.ltd. is a simple way to get that name drilled into their heads.

8. Find the right voice to represent your company