Professional Call Handling

In today’s competitive business climate, reinforcing your brand is crucial at every point of customer contact. Nowhere is this more important than in your company’s call handling and message on hold. Outdated, do-it-yourself auto-attendant messages and voice mail greetings make for a poor first impression while placing a caller on silent hold is a missed opportunity at best and a hang-up at worst.

On Hold Technology® has been providing voice messaging and on hold messaging solutions to Australian businesses for over 30 years. We’re a team of professional voice artists, copy writers and production experts with the experience and know-how to elevate your on hold messages and telephone messaging to business-class!

More than just a great first impression

In addition to a great first impression, using an On-Hold Marketing System is an easy, innovative way to promote your business, improve customer relations and increase sales. What does your business currently offer your customers and prospects when you put them on hold? The “silent treatment”? Just music? A radio station that has nothing to do with your business and is likely to play your competitors’ commercials?

A salesperson who expects no commissions or benefits.

With an On-Hold Messaging System, professionally produced, customized and updated messages, you can tell your callers what you want them to hear about your business. Think of an On-Hold Marketing System as an extra sales person who requires no sales training or supervision, doesn’t expect commissions, company benefits or vacations; and delivers perfect presentations every time.

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