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Why you should not rent your Message on Hold. Buy it outright instead.

In Audio Production, Business telephones, Message on hold, On Hold, Phone Systems, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

Computers make everything cheaper. If you are renting a message on hold system you are probably paying too much. The cost of voiceovers has reduced over the last few years as many cottage businesses have sprung up because of the now low cost of entry. Once you needed a studio with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment but …

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Voiceovers for a living

In Audio Production, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

I see a lot of posts about making a living from voiceover work and I’m inclined to think these people have never done it. They paint this rosy picture about the need to have a good voice and making a motza by doing voiceovers for cartoons and the like. Well for the majority it has nothing to do with your …

Messages on hold for VOIP phone systems

In Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

The message on hold business will just get bigger In the 30 plus years the message on hold business has been in existence much has changed. Our first systems were cassettes in modified car cassette players. Long tapes with auto reverse did two things. It wore out the tape and it wore out the auto reverse mechanism.  Along came CD …

Professional Voicemail Greetings

In Audio Production, Phone Systems, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

Professional Sounds for Voicemail Greetings Finally you can have professional voicemail greetings for your mobile phone voicemail box and landline voicemail. For years the little guy has been ignored. The guy or girl who started a business on the kitchen table and used his or her home telephone and mobile phone as their shop front. The only drawback was the …

Home Studios

In Audio Production, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

Why is the voiceover industry changing? Better change with it.   As a true VO person, owner of  I try to keep up with articles on the web about Australian Voiceover subjects. One of my favourite places is, often some very wise words come out of this site. Ever since the “pizza oven syndrome” hit the voiceover industry …

Don’t throw away your old phone.

In Audio Production, On Hold, Phone Systems by Ashleigh Mac

What will the NBN mean for my old phone system. New technology like the NBN and VOIP phones bring new fears. Will this new system be mandatory and will it cost me a fortune. Relax. It’s not a scary as you thought and there is a small piece of tech that could save you lots of dollars. Going NBN is …

Why do I need a good “messages on hold”?

In Audio Production, On Hold, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

In the business world it’s a common practice to put the customers on hold. This is because of the hectic business activities; a person has to deal with multiple customers at the same time for which he has to put other people on hold. This can be very frustrating for a customer, according to a research customer usually hang up …

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Your On Hold Script

In Audio Production, On Hold, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

First things First! The most common thing said to us by customers wanting a on hold message system is “I don’t know what to say” Message on hold scripting and writing your on hold script is not as difficult as you may think. It just requires a little thought and plenty of proof reading. You have two choices. Write …