Why do I need a good “messages on hold”?

In the business world it’s a common practice to put the customers on hold. This is because of the hectic business activities; a person has to deal with multiple customers at the same time for which he has to put other people on hold. This can be very frustrating for a customer, according to a research customer usually hang up the phone within 15 seconds after being put on hold.  This is where custom messaging on hold comes in. The music on hold is becoming ineffective as it doesn’t keep the other person attentive. “custom messaging on hold” is now gaining more importance, especially in the business community.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why having “custom messaging on hold  is important.

1: Keep the Other Person on line for a long time

Having a custom messaging on hold keeps the other person on the call for a longer period of time.  With the custom message, the other person has actually something to listen to attentively. You can provide promotional offers or any other sort of message that keeps the person on the call so the line doesn’t get dropped. According to a survey almost 90% of the people drops the call out of frustration within 30 seconds.  The main reason for dropping the call is that the other person feels ignored and it hurts his feelings. By adding custom message on hold, the other person knows that he is on the call and he will be attended soon.

2: Provide Important Information

Keeping the other person on hold means that he is having a phone to his ear eagerly waiting for you to come back. This waiting period is crucial from a business pint of view where you can sell something to your customer such as a promotional offer or tell them about a product launch. This can help the customer find out about the important stuff that they usually ignore in their normal life. With custom messaging on hold you can build a trustful communication with the customer. For example: If a person calls phone company, the company can inform the customer about its best latest offer which can be beneficial for them.

3: Get Things Ready from Customers

If you are business organization that requires you to ask important information from the customers which they don’t usually remember. You can save a lot of time to attend a customer by putting a Message-On-Hold that asks the customer to have important information such as their home address, social security number or something else.  This will keep the customer busy in finding all the information before the call connects and it will also help the host to help the customer fast.

4: Keep the Customers Up-To-Date

If you are business organization, then putting Message-On-Hold can keep the customers up-to-date. You can inform about your holidays or office hours when you are open. This helps in building credibility and it shows professionalism to others. You can be personal with your customers on custom Message-on Hold, which helps in customer appreciating you as well.

5: Get it made by a professional.

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