Messages on Hold Australia

Where so I start?

Some find it daunting. The most common phrase we hear is “I want a professional on hold message but I don’t know what to say.” The secret is KISS. Keep It Super Simple. The average time on hold is about 45 seconds so you really should only try and put across one thought in that time. Don’t overload the listener with a barrage of facts and figures. Talk to them. Make friends with them. Try and help them. We have created a tool that helps you get your thoughts in order and allows you to create a message on hold script without the anguish.

How our script writing tool works

Our clients traditionally cover between 4 and 10 subjects in their messages all as separate passages or paragraphs. We recommend a minimum of 6 messages. Each message is punctuated by a short interlude of music.  We suggest that you use your company branding and positioning statement (MOTO) as part of the salutation e.g. “At Widget Co – the home of brass widgets we appreciate your call and we will assist you soon” There is a place on the form/tool for this information. The simplest way to use this tool is to give a subject to every field firstWe have given you a hint for each one and used the most popular subjects we have written about over the last 30 years. The subject of each paragraph is the starting point. Then go back and elaborate on each subject. Ensure your writing style is conversational and speaks to the listener and not at them. Remember you are writing for the spoken word so don’t be too technical. Once you finish just hit the submit button and you will be emailed a formatted ready to record script using YOUR thoughts.

Its a simple form easy to fill out.
The tool makes it easy.

Endorsements and Staff spokespersons

At On Hold Technology we have developed a way of improving the traditional on hold message with endorsements and staff spokespersons. If you have a real fan who loves your company give us their details and we will ring them and record their endorsement for the MOH. That also works for the gifted speakers in the business. We have been known to ring the sales manager and department managers and get their excited voices on the MOH talking about the latest products. it’s different, sounds great and is real and authentic.

What about the music?

We have access to over 22000 royalty free music tracks and we know what sounds good with what so don’t worry about that. Plus if you don’t like the music …. we change it. Simple.

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