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In Audio Production, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

Why is the voiceover industry changing? Better change with it.   As a true VO person, owner of voices.com.au  I try to keep up with articles on the web about Australian Voiceover subjects. One of my favourite places is voiceovers.asia, often some very wise words come out of this site. Ever since the “pizza oven syndrome” hit the voiceover industry …

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Your On Hold Script

In Audio Production, On Hold, Voiceovers by Ashleigh Mac

First things First! The most common thing said to us by customers wanting a voices.com.au on hold message system is “I don’t know what to say” Message on hold scripting and writing your on hold script is not as difficult as you may think. It just requires a little thought and plenty of proof reading. You have two choices. Write …