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VOIP phone A professionally produced on hold message for your VOIP system can help establish your brand and enhance company image. If you are using a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system or Hosted PBX system we can help you maximize all the technology that these systems provide.  A VOIP system uses the Internet to make and route calls … Read More

Which voice for my Telephone on Hold?

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How do you decide if you should be using a male or female voice on my Telephone on Hold? Should it be a young girl or an older man on my telephone on hold? It’s often about variety. First, think about your business and the image you want to portray on your telephone on hold message.  What do you do? … Read More

How many words should there be in my script.

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I get asked all the time “How many words can I have in my ad”? Well this might help. For a comfortable “normal speech” read use the following but remember: for phone numbers, each spoken number = 1 word. (i.e., 3281 1704 = 8 words) WORD COUNT TIMINGS WORDS = SECONDS 7 words = 3 seconds 12 words = 5 … Read More

Why does my voice sound like that?

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So many people say… “I hate the sound of my voice” or Why does my voice sound like that when I record?” Finally some answers. The crew at Abbey Road institute have a good post here. https://blog.abbeyroadinstitute.com.au/2016/01/13/why-does-your-own-voice-sound-weird/

Is there room for me in the Voice-over business

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Do you think its getting harder to get voice-over work in 2015? I’ve been in this business close to 25 years and its never been easy. If you think it’s all about a good voice and thats it you are wrong. It takes selling skills… not with the voice but getting out there meeting people and letting them know you … Read More